Account Login

Accounts Login

Admin can create account role and add employees in this role with the custom permissions.

Accounts needs username and password to login to his account at Vedmarg school management software.

If any school have multiple accountants, they can login and collect fees at the same time. All records are separated and well-maintained.

Account Login Management
Dashboard for Accountant

Accounts Dashboard

Dashboard will show the infographics and other details according to their permissions only.

If accountant has permissions of fee collections, expenses, ledger, birthdays, he will see the details on dashboard as shown in the picture.

Collect Fees

This section generates the list of all your students in an alphabetic order. Here, you can see the total fee, paid fee, balance fee, and discount given to each one of your students. 

Moreover, a search bar is given at the top of the page, where you can just type the name, or username to locate a particular student to check his/her fee dues. 

Accountant Collect Fees
Fee Defaulters in School Management Software

Fees Defaulters

This section will generate the list of all your students whose school fee is yet to be paid. 

The list will be in the alphabetic order. Here, you can check the balance fee of each of your students. You can just type the name or username of any student in the search bar to check his/her fee status.

Collected Fees Log

This is a broad section that will give you a lot of required insights pertaining to the school fee collection. 

This section will display the total fee your school has received on a particular day, week, month, or session. You can export or download the well-defined report. In addition, you can apply multiple filters to get a dedicated report that caters to your needs. 

Collected Fees Log
Fee Collection Report

Fees Collection Report

This report will give you an in-depth overview of the overall fees report, overall students report, the total fee collected today, weekly fee collection, month-wise fee collection, and much more. 

Again, you can make use of the powerful filters to get the exact report. Plus, you can download these reports in your required format. 

Fees Structure

The admin has the permission to add/remove permission for any person. In this case, the admin does not want to show the fee structure details to the accountant.

Once the admin grants permission to the accountant, only then he can have access to this section. 

Fees Structure
Expenses Module

All Expenses

This section is highly imperative for school administrators. Here, they can see the overall in-and-out expenditure catered for the functioning of the school. 

This section has a chart-like structure, where you can view the expense type, amount paid, payment mode used, payment transaction, paid to whom, date and time of the payment. In a nutshell, here you will get all the information related to all your expenses. You can apply filters as per your needs as well. 

Extra Income

A school can generate extra income through different means other than the primary education function. 

Some of the ways to generate extra income are: renting facilities, hosting events or workshops, renting or selling educational resources, summer camps, partnerships, advertising, and sponsorships, etc. 

Income Module
Ledgers Module

Accounts Ledger

In the accounts ledger section, you can view the total amount you have received, and the total expenditure you have born in a particular time frame. 

The fields of this section include Transaction ID, Amount Type (Debit/Credit), Amount, Date & Time, etc. You can make use of the filters, and download the exact report that you need. 

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