Do you have any android app for Vedmarg?

Yes, we have a very hi-tech and superfast android app for Vedmarg.

What is the tenure of contract?

Our agreement has a time period of maximum 3 years.

How many modules are in Vedmarg?

There are more than 40 modules and we are working on new 20+ modules that will be live soon.

Will we get free updates of new modules?

Yes, all the current customers will get all upcoming updates, modules and features on their portal and all.

Are the upcoming updates, modules free of cost?

Yes, all the upcoming updates, modules, features are free of cost for current customres.

What is the fee structure in portal?

We have a long list of features, options where you can set school fees (11 months or 12 months), transport fee (route wise, month wise) and you can create customized fee structure for any class.

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