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With Vedmarg, Accessing attendance records has never been this much easier ever before. Our attendance management software dashboard provides a comprehensive analysis of daily and monthly attendance records for students, teachers, and staff members. 

The interface provides real-time and up-to-date attendance data that increases the school’s efficiency and productivity significantly. 

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Types of Attendance

Attendance is foremost in maintaining a proper record for the smoother functioning of schools and institutions.

Vedmarg ERP incorporates the following types of attendance management: Student attendance management system, Teacher attendance management software, Staff attendance management system, and Employee attendance management System. 

Student Attendance

Our Student attendance management system simplifies the entire process of student attendance maintenance and recording. It enables schools and institutions to automate student attendance recording, thus reducing the chances of errors. Moreover, It generates real-time attendance data and allows teachers and administrators to address attendance-related issues promptly. 


Staff Attendance

Vedmarg ERP is a cutting-edge school software that enables staff members to mark their attendance. Our staff attendance management system saves time and eases the record-keeping complexity. Plus, It enables school administrators to view and generate real-time attendance reports in just a few clicks. 

Absent Notifications

The parents will be notified via SMS and email whenever their ward is absent from school. This enhances communication between the school & parents, brings transparency, and promotes student accountability to a great extent. 


Present Notifications

Similarly, if a student is present in the school, the parents will receive notifications like SMS and email even then. In a nutshell, the parents will get daily notifications about whether their child is present/absent in the school. This plays a vital role in the safety of the students. 

Display in Marksheet

Our software revolutionizes attendance tracking by consolidating the attendance data into the student mark sheet. This brings all the academic aspects of a student to one place. Vedmarg reinvents attendance tracking with greater efficiency. 


Attendance Reports

Vedmarg streamlines the attendance tracking and reporting process which makes it a significant platform to ensure correct and up-to-date attendance reports. The user can generate well-defined attendance reports in just a few seconds from anywhere at any time. 

Reports with Filters

Our attendance management software enables you to customize the attendance report using dynamic filters. This way the teachers and administrators will get the desired insights that they want to perceive. The user can filter attendance data using certain filters such as date, month, class, section, & name. 


History in Student App

Vedmarg student application enables students to check their day-to-day attendance with just a few clicks. After logging into the Android app, the student can access the detailed attendance insights. This is a well-illustrated form of attendance patterns. 

History in Teacher App

Similarly, Teachers can also view their attendance records with a teacher mobile application. Our Teacher attendance management software is the most convenient way for attendance record-keeping for teachers, as it empowers educators to delve into their attendance and address any attendance-related issues if they have. 

Student Attendance on Mobile

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