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Student Information Management System (SIMS)

Cloud-Based ERP

The cloud-based management platform is suitable for streamlining all types of tasks and activities required for an institution. Cloud ERP offers a centralized platform to schools that connects all the departments seamlessly with one-another.

Minimal Paperwork

Vedmarg ERP is specially designed to rationalize the functionality of schools and coaching centres. The digitization enables the institutions to get rid of the manual paperwork, and thus increases the productivity and efficiency of the organization.

Student Record Management

The student information can be effectively managed by employing the student data management software. It assists schools in storing, maintaining, and compiling the student information effortlessly. You can access the information at any point of time.

Online Registration

Paper-based registration consumes time, money, and other resources in the collecting and managing process. Thereby, the digitization enables the schools and coaching centres to diminish the complexity by adopting the online registration process.

Online Fee Payment

The parents and students can pay the school fee using the fee management software application. A secured payment gateway is integrated in the Vedmarg ERP that takes care of all the transactions. The user will get the fee receipt via an email.

Seamless Communication

A constructive and effective communication is the key to success for any organization. The cloud-based ERP system establishes a strong sense of trust between the stakeholders such as students, teachers, parents, and administration.

Analytics & Dashboard

School ERP offers real-time data analytics which enhances the efficiency and productivity of institutions to a greater extent. You can access the information from the dashboard. Moreover, you can apply multiple filters to get the desired information.

Student Mobile App

Vedmarg ERP is a one stop solution for administrators, parents, and students. We have launched 2 android applications i.e. ‘Vedmarg ERP - Admin’ and ‘Vedmarg - Student Application’ as of now. We are about to launch the ‘Parent Portal’ really soon.

SMS Alerts

Vedmarg school ERP send SMS alerts for various activities like absent, fee collection, due fees, holidays, events, exams dates, etc. Admin or class teacher can set a mobile number on which all messages will be delivered.

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Benefits Of

Student Information Management System (SIMS)?

For Administrator

  • 100% control over data privacy
  • Manage users roles (principal, staff, teacher, drivers etc)
  • Monitor all activities of staff, teachers and students
  • Monitoring of student’s and teacher’s attendance, fee collection, performance etc.
  • Send SMS for meetings, salary or other notices
  • Check all student’s performance and records
  • User-friendly navigation for all modules

For Teachers

  • Student data management (100% hassle-free)
  • Powerful dashboards with all the stats
  • Easy communication in between teacher-student and parents
  • Accurate and AI-generated reports
  • Send sms to parents to student’s activities, and performance
  • Generate ID-cards in a single-click
  • Generate Admit cards in a single-click
  • Generate mark sheets (report-cads) in a single click
  • Download everything (ID cards, admit cards, mark sheets)
  • Upload study material (videos, files, notes etc)

For Students

  • Dashboard with performance, fee summary, attendance records etc
  • Direct access to his information, records
  • Personalized communication from teachers
  • Instant notifications and SMS alerts for exams, fee collection etc
  • Attendance records for each month/session
  • Easy access to exam schedule, time table, digital cards (ID cards and admit cards)
  • History of notifications and notices
  • Monitoring of fee summary and payments
  • Real-time updates direct from schools
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    Student Information Management System (SIMS)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is SIMS?

    SIMS refers to student information management system. SIMS is short and standard word for this module/system. All the records, informations, stats, analytics comes under the SIMS module.

    Is there any limit for students on Vedmarg School ERP?

    It depends on the package you are purchasing from our website. If you buy our complete bundle of school management software, there is no limit for students. You can upload/add unlimited students on your school's portal.

    Purchase link: check our pricing

    Is any app available for students?

    Yes, there is an app for students called Vedmarg student mobile app, available on Google play store. Here are the top features of student app.

    App link: Download from Google play store

    Can student login on Vedmarg?

    Yes, students can login to Vedmarg student mobile app with their username and password.

    How to set username and password for student's login?

    To set username and password for students, just login to your account and open student section. Here, find the student for which you want to set username/password and click on edit. A popup will be there with all information and at the bottom, you can edit/set/reset username and password easily.

    How to setup fee structure for students?

    Admin/accounts/class teacher can (who has permissions) setup fee structure of all students in bulk or particular students.

    Link: Setup fee structure in student fee management system

    How to setup transport fee for students?

    We have written a detailed tutorial/guide on how to setup transport fee for students.

    Link: Setup transport fee for students

    Who can set username and password for student's login?

    Admin or class teacher can set/edit username and password for each and every students. Also, students can reset passwords using forgot password option available on Vedmarg student mobile app.

    How to send SMS to students?

    Here is a complete tutorial/guide that helps you to send SMS to any students or in bulk. You can send SMS to everyone, class wise or particular students.

    Link: Send SMS to Students

    Are students allowed to edit their information?

    No, students can't edit their information. They can see and review their information on Vedmarg student mobile app and co-ordinate with class teacher if any information is not correct.

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