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How to Add Leads in Vedmarg School ERP – Leads Management System

How to Add Leads in Vedmarg School ERP - Leads Management System

A lead is the consumer interest in your product or services. An individual can showcase his desire by sharing his information or by making an inquiry directly. In every business leads are very important to grow their business and client-base so leads management system is very important part of each and every business.

A lead is the most common word that you have heard in marketing and sales. The whole marketing strategy revolves around generating leads and converting them into sales. Therefore, it is imperative to have an effective mechanism by which we can cultivate our leads. 

What is Leads Management System

A leads management system is a process by which the incoming leads are stored, cultured, and nurtured to convert them into customers. It is a systematic way to convert more leads in less time. Moreover, It certainly opens more possibilities for business growth and provides a sales-ready mechanism for a business. 

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A leads management system or leads management software helps you to saves all leads with user’s details and setup reminders for new meetings/follow-ups. A good software reminds you for upcoming follow-ups and meetings before the time and it saves your time and papers.

Benefits of Leads Management Software

  • Allocation leads in suitable category and filter accordingly
  • Distribution of leads with sales / marketing team
  • Monitoring of leads’ follow-ups
  • Analysis of leads (canceled, converted, pending status based)
  • Send regular updates for offers and discounts
  • 1-click conversion into admission/clients

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How to add Leads in Vedmarg School ERP System 

You can add a lead in Vedmarg leads management system by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Step 1: In order to add a lead in Vedmarg school ERP software, you have to visit our website: https://www.vedmarg.com and there is an icon for the user account/dashboard.
  • Step 2: You can visit the Vedmarg dashboard through this link as well: https://account.vedmarg.com and login with your username and password.
  • Step 3: After logging into your school management software dashboard, go to the leads section in the left sidebar menu. There you will see the ‘Leads’ option.
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  • Here, you will get 3 options: Leads, leads status and leads sources.
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  • Step 4: Now you can create leads status as per your convenient, and set text color and background color for the status. Like the below screenshot:
    Leads Management System
  • Step 5: After creating leads status, you need to create leads sources from where you get leads like marketing team, tele-calling, staff reference, students or social media campaigns etc.
    How to Add Leads in Vedmarg School ERP
  • Step 6: Now, it’s time to create your first leads. You can add a lead by clicking on the ‘+’ symbol in the upper-left corner.
    Add Leads Management System Online Buy
  • Step 7: When you click on the ‘+’ icon, you will get a popup with the various fields, and you are required to fill up the basic details such as name, class, source, referred by (person name) and some details are optional you can enter later.
    Add Leads - leads management software
  • Step 8: You can click on the save button after adding a new lead. Your lead has been successfully added to the database. 

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How To Add Follow-Ups for Leads in Software

  1. When you have added any leads in the leads management software and now you need to add follow-ups for next call/meeting/update.
    How to Add Leads in Vedmarg School ERP - Leads Management System Online Software
  2. In the front of each leads, there are four buttons to add some actions for leads. Select the second button from left side (arrow up-side) and then a pop-up will open to enter new status and some remark or information.
  3. Keep save the follow-ups and done!

How To Check the Follow-Ups History for Leads in School Management Software

  • When you have various leads in school management software and you don’t remember the details of leads and last follow-ups. So, here is the option to check the follow-ups:
  • Just click on the first icon from left side (eye icon) and it will open leads in a new tab.
    How to Add Leads in Vedmarg School ERP - Leads Management System Online Software
  • Here, you will get basic details of the leads and just click on follow-ups tab.
    Leads Management System - Leads Follow-ups
  • Here you will get a history of follow-ups you create with your remark and information. It will help you to remember the talks you had with client/students/guardians/parents.

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So, Vedmarg school ERP is available with a strong leads management system where you can create leads, manage, view, follow-ups and convert leads into admission into single-click. Still, if you need assistance, we are always up to hear and support you.

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