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How To Secure School ERP Software with 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)


The security of confidential information is supreme, especially for schools and colleges as it holds a vast amount of data. Vedmarg ERP is well aware of the importance of powerful security measures to protect the school’s data. This led Vedmarg ERP to provide users with 2-factor Authentication (2FA). 

2FA provides an extra layer of security to the login process to secure the user’s accounts. In this article, you will learn how to enable the 2-factor authentication in the Vedmarg ERP.

What is 2FA?

2FA stands for Two-Factor Authentication, a security process in which a user provides two different authentication factors to verify their identity.

The idea behind 2FA is to add an extra layer of security by requiring users to provide two different types of information before they can access an account or system. Even if one factor is compromised (e.g., a password is stolen), the attacker would still need the second factor to gain access.

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How 2FA Works?

Common implementations of 2FA include receiving a code on a mobile device via SMS or through a dedicated authentication app (like Google Authenticator or Authy), using a hardware token, or using biometric information in addition to a password.

Enabling 2FA is a recommended practice for enhancing the security of online accounts and systems. It significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access, especially in cases where passwords alone might not provide sufficient protection.

8 Benefits of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) offers several benefits in enhancing the security of online accounts and systems:

  1. Increased Security: 2FA adds an extra layer of security beyond just a password, making it significantly more difficult for attackers to gain unauthorized access to an account. Even if a password is compromised, the second factor (something the user has, like a smartphone or security token) is required.
  2. Mitigation of Password Vulnerabilities: Since 2FA doesn’t rely solely on passwords, it helps mitigate the impact of common password-related vulnerabilities such as weak passwords, password reuse, and password guessing.
  3. Reduced Risk of Unauthorized Access: With 2FA, even if an attacker manages to obtain a user’s password through methods like phishing or social engineering, they still need the second factor to gain access, providing an additional barrier against unauthorized entry.
  4. Protection Against Credential Stuffing: Credential stuffing attacks involve using previously stolen usernames and passwords to gain unauthorized access to other accounts. 2FA helps protect against such attacks, as the attacker would also need the second factor, which is not easily replicable.
  5. Secure Remote Access: For remote access scenarios, especially for businesses and organizations, 2FA adds an extra layer of security for employees accessing sensitive systems or data from outside the company’s network.
  6. Compliance with Security Standards: Many regulatory standards and frameworks require or recommend the use of multi-factor authentication to enhance security. Implementing 2FA can help organizations comply with industry regulations.
  7. User Awareness and Accountability: 2FA often requires user involvement, such as confirming a login on a mobile device or entering a code from an authentication app. This increased user interaction can make individuals more aware of their account activities and promote a sense of accountability.
  8. Adaptability to Various Authentication Methods: 2FA can be implemented using various methods, including SMS codes, authentication apps, biometrics, or hardware tokens. This flexibility allows organizations to choose the most suitable method based on their security and usability requirements.

Overall, the adoption of 2FA is a crucial step in enhancing the security posture of online accounts and systems, providing a robust defense against a variety of cyber threats.

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Who Can Enable/Disable 2FA Security on Vedmarg

Generally, admin assigns some actions/permissions to all the teachers, employees of the organizations but 2FA (two-factor authentication) is a default feature for all the roles/employees/teachers and they can use/enable/disable this feature anytime. For  example, all the following persons can use this feature:

  • Admin
  • Director
  • Manager
  • Principal
  • Teachers
  • Employees
  • Any other role created by admin on ERP

Remember: Students have the same features on Vedmarg student app by default.

How To Enable 2FA in Vedmarg School ERP Software

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in Vedmarg School ERP is very easy process for all organizations like schools, colleges, institutes, tutors, and universities. Here, we are sharing a complete guide to enable 2FA feature to add an extra layer of security to your Vedmarg account.

Steps to Enable 2FA in Vedmarg ERP

Step 1: Visit your dashboard directly or click this link: https://account.vedmarg.com 

Step 2:It will take you to the login page. You need to enter the username & password. (Make sure you enter the right credentials). 

two-factor-authentication-school-erp-software - login page

Step 3: After logging into your best school ERP software dashboard, you need to go to the ‘Two-authentication’ located at the bottom in the left sidebar menu. 

two-factor-authentication-school-erp-software - dashboard page

Step 4: It will redirect you to the ‘2FA’ page where you can set up the authentication process. Here, you need to click on ‘Enable’ button to start the process of adding 2FA to your account.

two-factor-authentication-school-erp-software - enable otp

Step 5: Then, you see the registered mobile number (linked to the same account) and an OTP will be sent to the same number to verify the ownership/authenticity of the account. Now, you need to click on the ‘Send’ button. This will send an SMS with the verification code.  

two-factor-authentication-school-erp-software - verify otp

Step 6: You need to enter an OTP received on the number linked with the same account. (You can ask for another OTP after 60 seconds). Enter the OTP and click on ‘verify’ button to confirm the authentication process.

two-factor-authentication-school-erp-software - enter otp to veify

Step 7: After entering the OTP, you have turned on the 2FA process. 

two-factor-authentication-school-erp-software - otp enabled

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How To Login on Vedmarg with 2FA

Step 1: Do login with your credentials (username and password) as you do normally.

Step 2: Now, if you have enabled 2FA for your account, you will get an extra screen to verify your account/ownership of the account with the mobile verification. You will get an OTP on your mobile number linked with the same account.

two-factor-authentication-school-erp-software - otp login page

Step 3: Enter the sent OTP here and access your Vedmarg dashboard and other features as always.

How To Disable 2FA in Vedmarg School ERP Software

Disabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in Vedmarg School ERP is also an easy process for all account holders. Here, we are sharing a complete guide to disable 2FA feature from your Vedmarg account.

Steps to Disable 2FA in Vedmarg ERP

Step 1: Login to your account on Vedmarg school erp software and go to two-factor authentication page: https://account.vedmarg.com/user/enable-two-authentication

Step 2: Now, you see that you have enable 2FA in your account. To disable this feature, click on ‘Disable’ button.

two-factor-authentication-school-erp-software - disable otpStep 3:  Enter the full mobile number to get an OTP on your mobile number and click on ‘Send’ button.

two-factor-authentication-school-erp-software - disable otp to verify

Step 4: Here, enter the received OTP and click on ‘verify’ button to verify your ownership/mobile number.

two-factor-authentication-school-erp-software - disable otp login process

Step 5: Now, you see that the Two-Factor Authentication process has been disabled for your account.

two-factor-authentication-school-erp-software - enable-disable-otp login process

Pro Tips For 2FA

  • You can enable/disable 2FA anytime.Two-
  • OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number only.
  • Always enable 2FA for higher security.

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Conclusion: Setting up the 2-factor authentication certainly increases the security and safety of the software system to a great extent. You need to follow the simple steps mentioned above to eliminate unauthorized access and protect the sensitive information of your institution.

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