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What is Admission Management Software System for Schools

Complete Information on Admission Management Software System for Schools

The admission management process needs to be taken care of with utmost efficiency, planning, and proficiency. An incompetent admission process can lead to a loss of inquiries. Therefore, automated Admission Management Software is the ultimate solution for all schools and colleges. It provides efficient and smooth running of the entire admission process. Moreover, this results in better clarity and transparency as far as the admission management process is concerned. 

According to the data, India is having more than 20 crores of school-going children as of now, with around 35 million students graduating each year. Hence, there is a large number of students who seek admission to schools & colleges every year in India. However, the admission queries of new students put a lot of shear and tension on the admission department every year. 

What is Admission Management Software System? 

Benefits of Admission Management Software

Admission management software is a software specially designed for schools and colleges in order to help them in carrying out student admission enrolment operations in an organized way. The software synchronizes with the admission forms and fee collection of students that are selected for admission. 

The Admission Software is engineered to automate the admission processes and its co-related activities to provide ease to the school management software in maintaining the attendance records. The software aims at regulating hassle-free admission operations with improved transparency and efficiency in preserving all the records to refer them in the future at any point in time. The traditional method of admission management process that involves manual submission using pen and paper has become obsolete. 

5 Top Reasons why your School needs an Admission Management Software System: 

Admission Management System Software

The software saves man-hours which results in less expenditure. Moreover, it enables students, parents, and staff members to receive notifications and get the latest updates from the school. 

In a nutshell, There are a ton of benefits to using this software. We have discussed some of them below: 

  • Enhanced Communication:

It facilitates better communication between the students, parents, and school management. Sending SMS alerts regarding the student application is the most convenient form of communication. The candidates can check their application status online using the application software. Vedmarg offers a robust admission management system or portal that the candidate can use anytime from anywhere. Moreover, it enables the candidate the submit the required documents using the software. 

  • Simplifies Payment Processing:

This powerful ERP software enables the parent to deposit their ward’s fee through the software system. The software is integrated with the payment gateway to process the academic fee of the individual student.

  • Optimize Online Admission Process:

The software is designed in such a way that it will cover all the essential aspects of the admission process. The candidate needs to fill up an admission form with all the required documents. The management can administrate and monitor all the candidates who submitted the form. Moreover, the candidates can check their application status online.

  • Enhances Parent and Student Experience:

The Parent can check and monitor the attendance of their ward. In addition to this, The students can submit the required documents using the software which makes this reliable and user-friendly.

  • Optimize Reporting:

Reports laid down the foundation of important decisions. Accurate and faster retrieval of information is the significance of using ERP software. The school admin can access the information related to admissions at any point in time.


The Vedmarg Admission Management Software is designed by TechDost. The sole aim of using this software is to facilitate the entire admission process online with the help of automation. This will increase the productivity, efficiency, and work of the entire educational institution. Moreover, Your information will be safe from any sort of threat. For more details about Admission Management Software, contact us at 07500996633 to get all the details. 

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