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ERP Full Form in School, College – ERP Meaning in School ERP Software

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Any industry or business, small or big, requires many people who do their work and benefit that industry or business, according to the work of the people, the whole industry is divided into many departments. So, today we are going to explain everything about ERP full form i.e. Enterprise Resource Planning and its benefits for an organisation.


This department is Accounting, Finance, HR, Services, Inventory, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SCM (Supply Chain Management), Manufacturing, Planning, Sales, Marketing and other departments. On this page, ERP Ka Full Form in Hindi, what is the meaning of ERP, is being told.

ERP Full Form in School

ERP Full Form in School is “Enterprise Resource Planning”, in Hindi it is known as “Enterprise Resource Planning”. This word is related to business. It is a set of integrated applications that help merchants store and manage their business data. In ERP also, all the departments have their own separate system, through which all the departments share their information.

Definition of ‘ERP Meaning’ in School / College

ERP is a business management software, this software is being used by almost every small and big company in today’s time. These companies manage their business through this software. By this we keep all the data related to the business safe. Data can be easily stored and managed through this software. Out of this, the possibility of data being stolen or lost is very less. It can be accessed by multiple users at the same time. ERP software is available both online and offline.


Uses of ERP Full Form

At present, ERP software is being used in many places like banks, schools, factories, government offices, private offices, etc. Through this you can secure all types of data related to your business or business. Once secured, this data can be managed properly. This software is used more by large organization. This software is available in many modules in the market. The ERP software module has a defined functional area. It is used by the company for good productivity and presentation.

Features of ERP Software

ERP software is a shared database. It performs the tasks used in different units. Mostly this is done to get accounting and sales information. ERP software integrates these various functions into a complete system to simplify the process and information across the organization. Due to this shared database can be used simultaneously by different business units. Through this, the management can get information about the entire department from one place, which makes it easy for him to take decisions.

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