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Best School Management Software in Meerut (School ERP Software)

Best school management software in meerut

Vedmarg is a School Management ERP Software in Meerut that helps in managing the day-to-day tasks of a school including attendance information system, student information system, school fee management system, teacher information system, and administrative management modules.


Vedmarg School Management ERP Software in Meerut provides a centralized platform for the school administrative body to showcase the relevant information of every department in one place. It displays the real-time data of the school. Moreover, the Parents and Teachers are also updated, which improves the functioning and communication between the school and parents. 

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How does Vedmarg School Management Software in Meerut help the School?

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It plays a giant role in the advancement and functioning of the administration process of the school. Let’s understand this better with an example. The software offers paperless management in carrying out all the activities and processes of the school. This leads to saving costs, time, and effort. Moreover, it improves accuracy to great extent. The data can be accessed anytime and easily. 

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Our School Management Software reduces the extra workload on the teachers, which enables they can give extra time and effort which can yield better results. In addition to this, the assignments and homework can be easily assigned to the students which also saves time. In a nutshell, our school management ERP software is truly a game changer for school administrators, owners, and teachers. It upgraded the absolute functioning of the school to the next level. 

Top Modules of Vedmarg School Management ERP Software in Meerut

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Student Information System:

This module helps in managing the detailed information of every single student that can be accessible with one 1-click. The report includes the name, address, and parent’s contact number. The software offers an interactive database for the teachers, parents, and administrators that displays the information at any given point in time. 

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School Fee Management System:

Account and Fee Management is the most critical and time-consuming project of the school. Our School Fee Management Software in Meerut enables parents to deposit their ward’s fees online through the software’s payment gateway. This is fairly beneficial for Parents and School Administration as it reduces the chances of error in handling the fee that might occur with human handling. This is the power of an autonomous system. 


Attendance Management System:

Attendance is an activity that takes up valuable time at the beginning of the class. Moreover, the chances of error are enormous in the traditional attendance management system. The School Attendance Software is specially designed to overcome this problem, and it also helps in saving time and cost. The attendance record can be easily shared with the parents so that they can keep track of their wards. 

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Teacher Information System:

A school owner must keep track of the performance of their teachers. The school management software enables the school administrator to go through the teacher’s database where the detailed information of every teacher is stored, and it can be easily managed and assessed. 

Generating Report Card Online:

Report Card is the most time-consuming activity for the teachers and the school office. But with Vedmarg, this activity is no longer a hassle. We have streamlined the process of report cards in such a way, such that, the report card will be automatically generated with the help of the school-integrated database. 

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Online Admission System:

Our Admission feature allows new students to get enrolled through this software. They will be asked to fill in the relevant information required for the admission process. Once the admission information is entered by the student, it gets saved in the Student Information System. The admin can track down the list of new inquiries in 1 go. 

Vedmarg is a cloud-based Software designed by Techdost. We have designed this software to cover all the aspects required in the school’s functioning. Get in touch with the powerful School Management Software in Meerut. Reach out to us at 07500996633 to get all the details. 

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